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Our Farming Philosophy

We are keen to promote traditional farming that not only produces high quality produce but also creates a fantastic habitat for wildlife and showcases the best in bio-diversity. Significant parts of our farm are Sites of Special Scientific Interest due to their special habitats and we farm in ways to ensure these areas thrive and can be enjoyed by all.

The links on the left take you to pages all about specific sections of our farm, explaining what makes them special. They also keep you up to date with what stock is on the land and how you can safely explore the land.

Our farming philosophy includes the following points:

  • The highest animal welfare standards
  • The best environmental standards
  • Supporting native breeds
  • No artificial fertilisers
  • Promoting wildlife and bio-diversity


We farm a flock of pedigree Shropshire sheep, a traditional breed that are now becoming more popular again.

They are big sheep with distinctive faces and topknots, giving them a very cuddly look!


The Shropshire breed was historically used to keep orchards in good order because they are one of the few breeds of sheep that do not eat the young growth off trees, making them very useful as lawn mowers in areas where trees are your most valuable asset!


We are able to offer a range of fresh meat to our customers, typically in half lamb boxes but also accommodating specific orders. So if you are looking for the perfect roast joint for a special meal or even just a supply of high quality, ethically reared meat, why not get in contact.


We also have a small flock of Kerry Hill sheep, perfectly suited to our hill farm conditions.

The Kerry Hill sheep have very distinctive facial markings, meaning that they are instantly recognisable and a stand out attraction in the Peak District.



Our cattle are all native breeds. We have Angus, Hereford, Highland and South Devon


Typically our animals live out for as much of the year as possible and only come inside during the worst of the winter months, although the Highlands stay out year round. We believe that the animals are happiest outside for as long as the weather permits. However, we have recently constructed all new cattle housing which is designed to ensure the highest welfare possible for the cows when they do come in.


All our animals are very placid and friendly which is essential for animals on land with high levels of public access (and goes down well with the local photography enthusiasts!)


We do have a couple of favourites amongst the group who are very friendly and enjoy a bit of fuss. These characters are often to be found (attempting to) make friends with hikers on the footpaths that cross our land!


Keep up with the latest farm news on our blog.



We often have a small number of free range pigs. None of the intensive systems here. They are free to root up the ground and roam about - just what pigs should be doing!


What farmyard would be complete without some chickens wandering about?!


Our chickens are all free range in the truest sense of the word and wander where they like across the farm each day, returning to their house at night. The only downside being that there are hundreds of places for them to hide their eggs!



farm produce


Conventional baled hay, round baled haylage and silage available every year.

We usually have a stock available over winter but if you know that you will be wanting a certain quantity for the coming winter, why not pre-order and we will make it for you (it's cheaper this way too!) 


Available for collection


Can be delivered locally 




Have confidence that the meat you are eating has had the best life possible, has been well cared for and ethically reared in the fresh Peak District air.


We sell lamb in selection boxes. Send us an enquiry for more info.

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